Pearl Certification is a rapidly-growing firm that helps homeowners capture the value of high-performing features like insulation, high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment and solar panels when they sell their homes. Our goal is to become a universally recognized feature of the home sale transaction and to certify at least 10% of the nation’s single-family housing stock within a decade. In the process, we will help millions of homeowners make their homes more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient -- and will make a meaningful difference in reducing the US carbon footprint.

We have developed a line of certification products, generated a strong customer pipeline, closed on a major funding round, and are rapidly scaling up. We are searching for an experienced VP of Operations to play a central role in developing infrastructure and managing day-to-day operations as we scale up.

The ideal candidate for this position has played a mid-level or senior management role in a start-up that grew to scale and had a successful exit. The candidate is looking for a new position that allows them to use and enhance their management skills and to grow with an exciting and dynamic firm.

The VP of Operations will be a member of Pearl’s leadership team and reports directly to Pearl’s COO. The VP of Operations will help recruit, hire, and directly oversee all Regional Partner Managers, as well as administrative staff and consultants directly related to operational issues.

The VP of Operations is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day implementation of Pearl’s strategic plan. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating, facilitating and supporting the work of Pearl’s department heads to ensure that revenue goals and other key metrics, such as number of homes certified, are met;
  • Providing overall coordination for Pearl’s regional go-to-market strategies;
  • Coordinating the work of Pearl’s contractor, real estate and builder verticals and ensuring that they have the systems and resources to achieve their goals;
  • Convening contractor, real estate and builder vertical meetings and monitoring follow-up on all action items;
  • Monitoring expenditures to ensure that they remain within budget;
  • Creating and enhancing dashboards, reports and other systems to ensure that all employees are fully informed of key goals and metrics and of progress towards them;
  • Developing and continuously improving systems and processes that enable rapid growth and maximize employee productivity;
  • Trouble-shooting issues as they arise;
  • Coordinating the annual budget process;
  • Participating in senior leadership meetings and strategic planning sessions;
  • Promoting and deepening Pearl’s inclusive, inquisitive, conscious and motivated culture throughout the organization;

The ideal candidate will have:

A passion for developing and implementing processes and systems

Pearl has reached the point in its development that new processes are necessary to support continued rapid growth. As the person with primary responsibility for creating these processes and ensuring that they are implemented throughout the company, the VP of Operations will need not only to be good at process development and implementation, but to love and be committed to it as a major part of their work.

Outstanding interpersonal skills

      Pearl’s leadership team is exceptionally intelligent, creative, hard-working, and collaborative, which means that they are fun to work with, but have their own ideas about what they should do and how they should do it. The VP of Operations will need the people skills to develop and strengthen internal processes while supporting the team’s creative energies.

      Ability to think strategically, prioritize and make difficult decisions

      Like all start-ups, Pearl is constantly required to make decisions with important strategic implications. With an unusual range of opportunities to grow, but limited capacity to capitalize on them, prioritizing the best opportunities and making the decision to de-prioritize others, is crucial to the company’s success. The VP of Operations will participate with Pearl’s senior leadership this decision-making process, and should bring the same rigor they apply to process improvement to this strategic decision-making.

      Excellent problem-solving skills

      As the person responsible for finding a resolution to a wide range of day-to-day operational issues related to coordination between departments and verticals, the VP of Operations will need to exercise common sense and good judgment on a daily basis.

      Excellent writing ability

      Pearl relies extensively on written documentation, and the VP of Operations will need to contribute to this documentation and to communicate well through the written word as well as verbally.

      Excellent spreadsheet skills

      Outstanding spreadsheet skills are essential for monitoring the Pearl budget and ensuring that operations are kept within it

      Willingness to get hands dirty

      Everyone at Pearl, from the organization’s founders on down, frequently do things that would normally be considered below their pay grade because they have to get done and no one else is available to do them. The VP of Operations will not be an exception.

      Self-Awareness and humor

      Pearl is strongly committed to creating a workplace in which all employees are respected and valued. We are also committed to having fun while we’re achieving our mission. And we know that taking ourselves too seriously means institutional death. We want a VP of Operations who embraces this institutional culture and helps us deepen it.

      Pearl is an equal opportunity employer and greatly values diversity. This role will be instrumental in shaping the Pearl of the future. Qualified minority candidate are strongly encouraged to apply.